The primary function of the Office of the State Surveyor General is to provide Survey Framework to facilitate the registration of Certificate of Occupancy under the Land Use Act.  The Office is charged amongst others with the responsibilities including:

  • Initiate, formulate, execute, monitor and evaluate policies relating to Land Survey Matters.
  • Mapping Matters
  • Photo pointing, benchmarking and trigonometric surveys.
  • Planning and Mapping from aerial photographs and any other remote sensing technology.
  • Designing specification for various control schemes.
  • Survey of Government development schemes in conjunction with the New Towns Development Authority and Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development for the purpose of:
  1. Establishments of new towns and development of schemes in Lagos State;
  2. Provision of infrastructure in Government Estates;
  3. Promotion of large scale physical development;
  4. Site selection for other Government Ministries/Agencies and Private development;
  5. Development control:- monitoring of unauthorized development within Government Estates in liaison with Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development
  • Provision of ground controls (horizontal and vertical) at various orders including primary, secondary, tertiary and others.
  • Land information, storage/ retrieval of survey records of all state and private parcels of land.
  • Charting of Survey Plans for Mortgages, Assignment, Lease, Sublease and Power of Attorney.
  • Preparation of survey plans for all Lagos State Agencies.
  • Provision and development of land related information systems;
  1. Development of land databank;
  2. Acquisition/ conversion, analysis and classification of land data and meta data;
  3. Establishment of a parcel-based information system which supports land administration, surveying, physical planning and taxation;
  4. Digital map production
  • To execute Digital mapping / GIS project:
  1. Digital orthophotos and lidar imagery photos for the whole State
  2. Digital maps for the whole State in Scale 1:500 for urban areas and 1:1000 for rural areas
  3. A GIS database of imagery, digital maps, bathymetric data, orthophoto maps, geodetic data, transportation data and tourism data
  4. A Geodetic 3D control framework of primary and secondary data
  5. Active GPS reference stations at strategic locations all over Lagos State;
  6. Determination of the Geoid;
  7. Provision of navigation system throughout Lagos State;
  8. Environmental monitoring and control system;
  9. Utility mapping, land registration and land management;
  10. A web-based enterprise GIS for Lagos State in conjunction with Ministry of Science and Technology.
  11. Any other duty as may be assigned by the Governor.


  • Directorate of Control, Boundary & Mapping
  • Directorate of Cadastral
  • Directorate of Co-ordination Transaction & Records
  • Directorate of Land Information System Support Unit (LISSU) / G.I.S
  • Directorate Administration & Human Resources
  • The Directorate of Accounts


  • The Internal Audit
  • The Public Affairs Unit
  • The Legal Unit
  • The Procurement Unit
  • Budget & Planning Unit
  • ICT Unit


From inception till date the office has had nine (9) Surveyor Generals.  They are:

  1. (Alhaji) Akande Smith (1971 – 1974)

He was an Ag. Surveyor General until retirement.

  1. Olukunle Akinola (fnis) (1974 – 1987)

(Surveyor General & Co-ordinating Director)

  1. Adio O. Somoye (1986 – 1999)

(Surveyor General)

  1. Sakibu A. Balogun (Fnis) (1999 – 2003)

(Surveyor General). He was later appointed as Permanent Secretary Lands (1st & only Surveyor to hold the position so far in the state)

  1. (Alhaja) Dupe R. Fasasi (Fnis) (2003 – 2005) She was Surveyor General/Permanent Secretary. Surv. Fasasi was the first person to be appointed Permanent Secretary as a surveyor General. She is also the only female so far.
  1. Joshua T. Atolagbe (Fnis) (2005 – 2006) (Surveyor General)
  2. Monsuru A. O. (MAO) Durowoju (Fnis) (2006 – 2008)(Surveyor General/Permanent. Secretary.) Surv. Durowoju was later appointed Special Adviser to His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Lagos State, Mr Babatunde Fashola, SAN on Digital Mapping/GIS. He remains the only one who has been so appointed in such capacity.
  1. (Barr.) David O. Olatubosun (Fnis) (2008 – 2012) (Surveyor General/Permanent. Secretary)
  2. Joseph O. Agbenla (Fnis) (2012 – 2015) (Surveyor General /Permanent. Secretary)
  3. Olutomi A. Sangowawa (Fnis) (2015 – 2022) (Surveyor General /Permanent. Secretary


  • The office commenced a gradual migration from the analogue era to the digital age
  • It started with the conversion of all its analogue data into the digital environment through the electronic document management system (EDMS).
  • This started in the records unit of the directorate of co-ordination, transaction and records with the scanning of all government and privately practicing surveyor’s plans into a database.
  • Charting which is the procedure carried out for status determination for the preparation of land information certificate and other similar documents is now also done in the digital environment.
  • The front desk for the one stop public enquiry service (OSPES) point under the service charter reform programme of the government has also adopted by default the digital platform as its tool of engagement with members of the public.
  • Efforts are on to carry out all cadastral related activities starting from data capture to data processing which includes but not limited to examination, computation, cartography (plotting) and plan preparation (e – survey) in the digital environment.
  • The state government has also embarked on the preparation of e – certificate of occupancy.
  • As a step forward towards attaining greater efficiency in the performance of its assigned role and responsibilities considering the strategic importance of the office in the economic development of the state, the digital mapping and enterprise GIS project was embarked upon in 2008. The project was completed and commissioned in 2012.

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